Animal Lovers Games are built to be flexible so to be able to modify them with several versions of the Memory Match 2 GameS. Some with link buttons and some without. Click on Branding to see the modifications

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Service Options

  • 1- Link an online game webpage to your website. Webpage contains 15 online games. We host on our servers.
  • 2- Brand your customized game, email us 8-10 images of pets, wild Life, you, family and or advertisements,etc

  • Option 1- 15 games webpage linked to your website, $6.95 a month. Automatic monthly renewal payment.
  • Option 2- Customized downloadable Matched 2 game, show off your favorite pictures of pets, you, family,etc. $19.95
  • Option 3- Customized downloadable Matched 2 game, Add your website address or whatever you need to Visit Us Button $5.95

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    • Link 15 online games webpage to your website.
    • Email 8-10 pictures to brand your custom game.

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